10 Benefits of Teff

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Teff, an ancient grain originated from Ethiopia, is gaining more and more popularity as a diet staple every year. Due to its large list of benefits ranging from diet, circulation, performance, and more, it provides an advantage that beats even the better known gluten-free substitutes: quinoa and buc...

BIOFACH 2020: Success!

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BIOFACH 2020 was a success. From February 12 to 15, Millets Place was in Nuremberg for this year's BIOFACH trade fair. The event, with its first in 1990, was curated to create a space for companies and clients to network, market, learn, discuss, and share in the sector of organic foods. Our tea...

High-quality ground line

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Millets Place offers maximum flexibility to our customers. Since February 2019, an innovative mill was engineered and built by MP, for the sole purpose of grinding teff. We are the only company that works with this modernized stone mill.

In layman’s terms, our process follows traditional milling...

Learn about teff at BIOFACH 2020

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Millets Place at BIOFACH 2020. An exhibition for organic products, taking place in Nuremberg from February 12-15. You can find us at our own stand in Hall 5-111, part of the Netherlands-Italy pavilion.

There, you will be able to learn more about us, our story, our products, and any promoti...

Teff for Olympic athletes

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Teff in the sports sector. The Papendal Sports Center works with top athletes in the Netherlands. In a joint study with the center (2015), researchers found significant effects of teff on improving sports performance. As a result, Olympic athletes began consuming MP-Teff in the form of Sportsgra...

Fi Europe & Ni 2019

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Fi Europe & Ni is a leading trade show in Europe for companies around the world. The focus is in ingredients, and how to make them cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. Visitors consist of industry buyers and R&D innovators. This year’s event took place in Paris, from December 3rd to 5th.


Teff: The highly nutritious grain

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History & Cultivation. Eragrostis tef (commonly known as ‘’teff’’) is an ancient grain from Ethiopia and Eritrea. Its earliest use was by Ethiopians between 1000 BC and 4000 BC, also making it one of the earliest grains to be cultivated by humans. While most of the crops being cultivated today have...