Fi Europe & Ni 2019

Fi Europe & Ni is a leading trade show in Europe for companies around the world. The focus is in ingredients, and how to make them cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. Visitors consist of industry buyers and R&D innovators. This year’s event took place in Paris, from December 3rd to 5th.

As teff is still an innovation, this exhibition was an opportunity for Millets Place to present our story and the useful properties of the grain. Partnered with FoodValley, a film showcasing the use of teff in bread was introduced. Next, a film discussing Sportsgrain and how it can be beneficial for athletes who want to improve their performance. Lastly, a presentation of the cultivation and properties of the teff grain was shown.

Aside from the informative nature of our stand, we wanted to provide attendees with the chance to try the products themselves. Teff pasta with pesto, along with teff mango smoothies, were available for sampling.

With the amount of visitors returning for more, we’d like to believe it was quite the success!