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Millets Place sells healthy, authentic and gluten free grains and grain derivatives on a B2B basis. Currently, our offering includes teff, fonio and teff-derived products, such as teff flakes and teff puffs. Our strains provide extra nutritional value. With complete control over the supply chain, from seed to delivery, we can provide our customers with the highest quality grains available.


Our mission is to contribute in the creation of healthy and tasteful food products for everyone, from sportsmen to gluten-free food consumers. Our contribution is based on products from natural, authentic, and nutritious raw materials. Our products can be used as major ingredients in daily food products for consumers who pay extra attention in their daily food pattern with respect to issues like health, wellness, and sport performance.

AnneDr.ir. Anne Hulst (Research & Development) is a food technologist, having experience in food & nutrition and agricultural raw materials.

RuudRuud van Klaveren (Marketing & Sales) with a background in the medical branch.


Since 2002, significant results have been achieved by the founders of Millets Place in the cultivation of MP-teff® in The Netherlands, along with several other countries all over the world. Due to the team’s broad experience and thanks to frequent research projects (in cooperation with Dutch universities and knowledge institutes) much knowhow has been developed about MP-teff® in agriculture, food applications and nutritional value.

Our Qualities

Two things set us apart from our competition: Our own, unique strains of the product and our complete control over the chain from agriculture to cleaning and transport.


Many years of development by multiple experts in the field of grain refinement and food technology led to the several high quality teff strains of Millets Place. MP-Teff provides customers with two major advantages: 1) Superior nutritional value. 2) Improved food application properties for its use in baking, cooking and other value-adding processes.


We have complete control over our supply chain from field to customer.

1. Agriculture

MP-Teff is produced for Millets Place through controlled agriculture by a select group of farmers in several countries. Wherever cultivation takes place, the highest product quality is always guaranteed. By geographically spreading the cultivation, the risk on crop failure is minimized and production volume can be optimally and adequately attuned to market needs.

2. Hulling, Milling, and Cleaning

After harvest of the teff grain, Millets Place outsources the subsequent steps in the production chain to expert contracting partners in Europe working under certified food quality procedures (HACCP, BRC, ISO). Our partners use modern and sophisticated, cleaning and screening techniques with the most up-to-date equipment to ensure a purity of more than 99.5%. Our whole process has received food-accredited certification (FSSC22000). This ensures our customers a timely, well-cleaned delivery of the highest quality teff anywhere in the world.

3. Logistics

Our teff can be delivered worldwide in a timely manner.

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