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Teff: the unknown healthiest grain

Apart from being gluten-free, this grain is rich in minerals such as calcium and iron but is also high in dietary fiber and protein, making it a very nutritive grain for sportive as non-sportive situation. The grain’s properties make it one of the healthiest grains available on the market.

Teff grain (Eragrostis Tef) is an ancient grain, native to Ethiopia and Eritrea. It has been one of the main sources of food in these regions for thousands of years, largely undiscovered abroad until recently. It's was only in 1996 that the US National Research Council characterized teff as having the "potential to improve nutrition".

What is teff

What is MP-Teff?

MP-Teff is a range of protected strains of teff developed by Millets Place. Eight years of development by multiple experts in the field of grain refinement and food technology led to several high quality teff strains.

Why choose MP-Teff ?

MP-Teff are very pure teff strains with superior nutritional values. Apart from this, we have complete control over our supply chain, including a special cleaning process designed specifically for cleaning teff grains (due to their small size). This ensures our customers a timely, well-cleaned delivery of the highest quality teff anywhere in the world.

Apart from conventional and organic teff grain, we also offer teff derivatives such as teff flour, teff puffs and teff flakes in white and brown variations.

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